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    PHP Manager for IIS

    The ultimate toolbox to configure PHP on Windows and IIS.


    An open source project backed by LeXtudio.

  • Simple but powerful

    A tool with unique features to take care of all the details.

    Feeling Familiar

    PHP Manager for IIS is an extension of IIS Manager.


    Experience with Microsoft IIS Manager to manage other web frameworks like ASP.NET and classic ASP can apply to PHP.

    Diagnostics Revamped

    Installing PHP on Windows and IIS is a complex process and many steps can go wrong easily.


    PHP Manager can guide step by step to configure multiple PHP versions on the same server, and also detect issues.

    Options Modernized

    Configuration wizards provide extra options to fine tune the PHP behaviors.


    Latest PHP best practices are applied wherever possible, and obsolete options are also hidden.

  • Supported Platforms

    Web server support on a few different operating systems.

    IIS on Windows Client

    Windows 7 and above

    IIS on Windows Server

    Windows Server 2008 and above

    Multiple PHP Versions

    5.6 and above

  • Useful Resources

    Everything you need to make PHP Manager best companion.

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    Source Code

    Every line is precious

    The source code of PHP Manager is available at GitHub.

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    All secrets are shared

    The documentation site contains many tips and tricks.

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    Legend Revived

    A great tool passes on on different hands.

  • Contact Us

    You can contact us by opening an issue on GitHub.